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3 Top Hearing Aid Features

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Did you know that hearing aids are available with a range of different features?

The news may come as a surprise to you, especially if you have never had a hearing aid before. For most people, a hearing aid is simply a device that is able to amplify sound to help those experiencing hearing loss to hear more clearly. As a result, the idea of hearing aids having different features sounds somewhat strange.

Like all forms of technology, hearing aids do come with a range of different functions and features that you may want to consider. Consider the top three features of hearing aids, and why they are so useful.

Programmable settings

If you are buying a hearing aid for the first time, it’s well worth talking to your hearing health professional about programmable hearing aids. These devices are incredibly easy to use, as they allow you to switch between programs, rather than having to manually adjust your hearing aid each time you need a change.

For example, if you were to go to the opera and then out for a meal to a quiet restaurant, you would likely need to manually adjust your hearing aid during the night. You would want to lower the volume of your hearing aid during the opera, and increase it when at the restaurant. With a programmable hearing aid, you can simply click a button and switch between programs rather than having to make time-consuming manual adjustments as you move between venues. You can setup programs for a variety of different events, so you can attend safe in the knowledge that perfectly-adjusted hearing is a simple click or two away.

Remote control adjustments

Talking of adjusting hearing aids, another feature you may wish to discuss with your hearing care provider is remote control programming. With some hearing aids, you only have two options if you wish to adjust the settings:

  • Remove your hearing aid, make the adjustment, and refit it.
  • Try to change the setting with the hearing aid in place, which is often fiddly to do.

Neither option is particularly convenient, which is why you may want to consider a hearing aid that allows for remote adjustment. These hearing aids work just like your TV remote control; press a button and the changes happen. Remote controls make adjusting the settings on your hearing aid far quicker and easier to perform, ensuring maximum usability for you.

Noise reduction

Finally, this is a feature of hearing aids that can benefit everyone. Hearing aids with noise reduction features are able to reduce the sound of background noise while amplifying the sound of speech, so you’re able to focus on a conversation without being distracted by (for example) the sound of heavy traffic nearby. The technology that powers noise reduction features is constantly being improved, so it’s definitely a consideration worth discussing with your hearing health professional.