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5 Ways to Successfully Encourage a Loved One to Get a Hearing Test

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It’s likely that you’ve experienced being around someone who may benefit from a hearing exam. Maybe your dad is constantly turning up the television louder and louder because he complains that he can’t hear it. Maybe your sister isn’t coming around as often because she feels defeated by not being able to hear the conversations happening.


It’s natural to want to help someone who is experiencing untreated hearing loss. The best way to help someone experiencing hearing loss, is by encouraging them to see a hearing specialist for a hearing exam. However, it’s not always an easy topic to try to bring up.


Hearing Loss Involves a Grieving Process

For most people, losing their hearing is like losing any other important part of their life and usually involves the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). Keep this in mind if they become defensive when you bring it to their attention that you are acknowledging their hearing deficiency or referring them to see a specialist. They’ve likely already noticed it and are in denial.


While we know that there is likely a grieving process proceeding within the person you’re wanting to speak to, 95% of people who experience hearing loss are able to be treated with hearing aids. In order to find the right hearing aid and ultimately the right treatment plan to get back on track of hearing the world around them as life intended, the first step is to receive a hearing test.


Just as with anything, trying to force someone to take a hearing test won’t usually result in what you’re hoping for. The best method is to go about it in a gentle, loving, and empathetic way.


Trying to convince a loved one that they should receive a hearing test is easier said than done. Here are 5 ways to successfully encourage a loved one to get a hearing test.


5 Ways to Successfully Encourage a Loved One to Get a Hearing Exam


  1. Point out the annual hearing exams are recommended to everyone.

Most people go to the dentist, the eye doctor, and a general physicians once a year. Explaining that getting an annual hearing test isn’t any different can help ease their mind that it’s not any different.  


To go one step further in this, you could show support and let them know they aren’t alone by also scheduling yourself a hearing test and going with them.


  1. Don’t be the only voice recommending it.

If there are others concerned about your loved one’s hearing loss, encourage them to also gently suggest that they should go for a hearing exam.


It can be easy to write it off as something to not be concerned with if it’s just one person bringing it to their attention. If more than one person suggests that they should see a specialist, it’s more likely that they will feel compelled to go in.


  1. Call your local physician and ask for advice.

Calling in the experts is never a bad idea when it comes to learning how to go about an uncharted situation. They are likely able to give you helpful tips and talking points to encourage them to have a hearing test.


  1. Prepare for common objections.

Many people who experience hearing loss have similar reasons for not wanting to accept it. Here are three common objections that people have:

  • “I’m too young.” While it’s true that aging is a factor, hearing loss can be experienced by people of all ages. Just as weakening of eyesight and grey hairs also come with age, they tend to hit people at different ages for everyone.

  • “Wearing hearing aids will be embarrassing.” Many people are worried about being embarrassed while wearing hearing aids. Whether it’s that they’re worried they’ll look old or just simply don’t want any negative connotations connected with them, they’re worried to wear hearing aids. However, asking people to repeat themselves all the time is a much higher indication of hearing loss than hearing aids. What’s worse than being embarrassed about wearing hearing aids is missing out on opportunities for great memories because they feel that they can’t fully hear everything going on.

  • “Hearing aids will be more trouble than they’re worth.” Some people worry that hearing aids will get in the way of their lifestyle rather than actually enhancing the value of the lifestyle they currently have. Not only are their hearing aids out there for every kind of lifestyle, they have become so advanced that some include batteries that last up to 15 days and can be rechargeable. With today’s technology most people are claiming that they forget they’re even wearing them.


  1. Explain the risks of waiting.

The risk of waiting to see a hearing specialist is more dangerous than most people are aware of. Untreated hearing loss can not only lead to increased hearing loss but could even in some cases lead to several serious medical conditions including dementia and Alzheimer's disease.


While it can be difficult to encourage a loved one to receive a hearing exam, we hope that these five tips help you in successfully making it happen. If you’re looking for somewhere to suggest, Texan Renew Hearing Center is here to take your loved one by the hand and walk them through a personalized treatment plan made specifically for them and their lifestyle so that they can get back to enjoying life the way they were always meant to.