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A Comprehensive Guide to Hearing Aid Features

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If there is one thing that is constantly improving in the medical world, it's hearing aid technology. We no longer use large, clunky devices to hear those around us, and our hearing health professionals are able to recommend the most advanced hearing aids around to help us to hear better. Hearing aids nowadays have small computers within them, and these adjust automatically to our environment to enable us to better process sounds. There are plenty of features out there for your hearing aids, and it all depends on your individual need as to which ones you choose will be right for you. Some of the hearing aid features that you could benefit from include the following:

Digital-noise reduction

The newer, digital hearing aids as recommended by your hearing health professional are able to reduce the amount of noise that a user hears in the background to their day. The hearing aids you wear work by analyzing the sound that enters it, and if the sound is an unwanted noise that is distracting, the hearing aid will quickly decrease the volume of that sound and you then hear better. If the sound is speech entering the hearing aid, it will automatically maintain or increase the volume for you to hear it more quickly.

Wireless capabilities

Most hearing aids now are able to connect to your Bluetooth on your phone, car or tablet. There are others that require a connection to a device before it connects to Bluetooth. These hearing aids are super handy when it comes to answering the phone, hearing videos online or playing games with sound. Music can even be played through them and you can hear it clearly. Apps for cell phones and tablets can connect to your hearing aids, too, and these apps can tell you how much battery life you have left in your hearing aids, whether you need to change the volume settings or even change the program through which you're listening to the world around you.

Wide range compression

One of the little-known features of hearing aids is that they are catered so well for individual hearing loss, that they work differently to every person. When a hearing aid uses compression, the sound becomes louder by varied amounts depending on the depth of the sound itself. This enables you to hear all sounds, to be able to tell the difference between a whisper and a scream and have all sounds adjusted to ensure you can hear them all.

Multiple listening programs

Digital hearing aids often come with more than one listening program in the hearing aid. This allows you to choose different microphone or hearing aid settings with a button or remote control on the hearing aids. This way, the hearing aid will automatically switch between programs based on your environment – which is a pretty cool feature! Having the choice of hearing aid programs will help you if your hearing changes or fluctuates in any way! Your hearing, your choice.