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Best Hearing Aid Batteries

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The majority of us don’t think all too much about auditory health. But if you begin to notice that you are having difficulties hearing, chances are that it will become your top priority. As the old saying goes, sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone! Our hearing is something that we use 24/7. It alerts us to danger, allows us to easily communicate with one another, and also provides us with a source of entertainment and joy, as we can tune into the radio, listen to podcasts and play our favorite songs.

Now, if you visit a hearing instrument specialist and find that you require some sort of hearing aid, this isn’t necessarily the end of your journey towards improving your hearing. You’ll have to make sure that you know how to maintain the hearing aid that you invest in properly. A key part of this process is choosing the right batteries for your device.

Why are hearing aid batteries so important?

Let’s start out by establishing why exactly hearing aid batteries are so important. Well, they are quite literally the source of power for your instrument. Without them, you could wear your hearing aid, but it would be to no avail. The entire system wouldn’t work and your attempts to improve your hearing would become futile! Investing in high-quality batteries will ensure that your device can be turned on as and when you need its help. The quality of batteries can also determine how optimally your device functions.

What should a good battery provide you with?

So, seeing as we have established just how essential good quality batteries are for those of us with hearing aids, what exactly is it that we should be looking for in our batteries? Here’s a short checklist to go through when browsing the market.

  • Correct size: Initially, you need to ensure that you are looking for hearing aid batteries of the correct size. Fail to do this and they won’t even fit in your device’s battery pack. There are generally four different sizes for hearing aid batteries. The first is size 13 batteries (otherwise referred to as “orange tab”). The second is size 312, which you may hear people call “brown tab” batteries. Third, we have size 10 batteries (“yellow tab” batteries). Finally, you may find that you need size 675, which may be labeled as “blue tab” batteries.
  • Longevity: Once you know the size you’re looking for, you can begin to browse the options available to you. You want to seek a battery with the best longevity. This will essentially tell you how long the batteries will last on average when put to use. The longer they last, the less often you’ll find yourself having to renew and replace them.

Can you extend the life of your batteries?

Once you’ve invested in your batteries, you can try out a few tips and tricks that could help to extend the life of your batteries. This essentially falls down to responsible use and can reduce the frequency at which you have to replace your batteries. The first trick is to buy the newest batteries possible. When you’re in the store, opt for the packet with the most recent manufacturing date. Power may be reduced in batteries that have been sat around in the packaging for a number of years. Once you have your batteries home, do not remove the tab until you are ready to use them. As soon as you open the tab, air can enter small holes in your battery and stimulate the zinc in them. The battery becomes live and power starts to drain. You might as well wait until you’re ready to use them!

When should you seek new batteries?

Some people find it a little difficult to determine when they need to invest in new batteries for their device. If you find that sound is becoming distorted when you’re using your hearing aid, you may need to renew your batteries. Some devices will also make a small beeping sound when their batteries are running low to prompt you to replace the batteries. If your device suddenly stops working, you may need new batteries too.

While you might not have put all too much thought into hearing aid batteries before, there really are a host of different factors that you need to bring into consideration in order to get the best quality batteries for your needs and to get the most from these batteries. If you require any further information, you can learn more at Texan Renew Hearing Center at (512) 667-6904.