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Common Signs You Need Hearing Aid Repairs

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Hearing aids are useful little tools that help to amplify sound from the outside world and broadcast it into your ears to help you hear better and understand specific sounds. Many people use these, and they can be a great help for those who have lost some of their hearing ability.

Today we want to take a look at one aspect of owning a hearing aid that is important for its maintenance – repairs. Getting your hearing aid repaired when you notice issues is such an important process, and we want to share with you the times when you should turn to professional help for your hearing aid needs.

It switches off randomly

One of the biggest signs that you need to take your hearing aid in for repair is if it starts to switch off randomly and only works intermittently. If your hearing aid is working properly, it should always be on unless you switch it off or the battery runs out, so make sure that you take your hearing aid for repairs if you notice this issue start happening. If you don’t get this repaired as soon as possible, you might end up with bigger problems that cannot be solved as easily and cost you more money in the long run.

Physical damage

It is normal to see some wear and tear on your hearing aid over time, and sometimes this can also be caused by physical damage. If your hearing aid has been dropped or stepped on, there may end up being underlying issues that impact the usability of your hearing aid. This can be the way the hearing aid fits in your ear, the sound quality, and even the moisture that can get into the hearing aid and cause issues. When you do cause any physical damage to your hearing aid, it is important to go and get it repaired sooner rather than later, and this will improve the longevity of your hearing aid as you move forward.


One of the common malfunctions that can happen when you have a hearing aid is a buzzing noise that won’t go away. If you start to hear a buzzing noise, this is a sign of low battery, something blocking your hearing aid such as wax or debris, or it could be something to do with the tubing or wiring of the hearing aid itself. Make sure to speak to your audiologist as this might be a more complex issue, and you could do with getting it repaired before it starts to get irritating.

Earwax issues

We all have earwax. It is an essential part of the health of our ears as it provides essential oils and lubricant to the ears and stops bacteria and other pathogens from entering the ear and causing an infection. Earwax, however, can also be a bit of a pest – and if you let earwax buildup too much, it can impact your hearing as well as the functionality of your hearing aid. Earwax can be easily cleaned off your hearing aid with a clean, damp cloth, and you should be doing this every day to ensure that your hearing aid is working properly.