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Could You Benefit from Ear Protection?

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When was the last time you thought about the quality of your hearing and your life quality in the future? Most people over 50 experience some form of hearing loss that starts with the disappearance of high-frequency sounds or some tinnitus. Later, they might need a hearing aid. 

Difficulty hearing sounds or wearing a hearing device can affect your life quality. The best way to reduce the effects of hearing loss and make it last in your later years is to pay attention to your hearing today and take measures to protect your hearing from avoidable loss and damage.

Better Long-Term Hearing 

People under 50 don’t tend to think about the quality of their hearing – not unless they have some hearing damage or issue that requires a hearing device. However, those over 50 might start to experience some hearing loss because the tiny hairs start to die and disappear. 

Cilia carries sound into the inner ear and helps the brain interpret the various frequencies; when these tiny hairs start to disappear, so do some of the sound frequencies leading to hearing issues. Ear protection in loud spaces helps to protect the cilia and makes hearing last longer.

Protect Ear Cilia 

Cilia are the tin hairs in your inner ear, they might be small, but they serve an important function sending soundwave down the ear canal to the cochlea, helping your brain interpret the sound frequencies. Unfortunately, these tiny hairs are both ear to damage, and they don’t grow back. 

Cilia can be damaged by loud noises in your environment – especially prolonged noise such as washing machines and machines on construction sites. However, you can protect the cilia in your ears and your hearing long-term by wearing ear protection like headphones or earplugs. 

Ear Protection

Nowadays, hearing devices are very discrete; even outside the ear, devices that sit behind the ear are smaller and blend in better with your skin tone. Reduce the volume on your devices and wear ear protection at music festivals or when you are in loud environments, this will protect the cilia in your ear and improve the quality of your hearing in the long term. Pay attention to your hearing throughout your life.

Hearing is a complex and delicate system in the body, but most people take it for granted until something goes wrong. Age-related hearing loss and noise-induced hearing loss are very common, but you can reduce the chances of experiencing them with suitable ear protection. 

Ear protection generally comes in two forms there is listening to sound at low volume, and there is wearing quality ear protection to protect the ear’s cilia. It’s best to use a combination of methods for the best results, helping you to hear better for longer and avoid a hearing device. If you wear ear protection, choose a high-quality hearing protection product to avoid any issues with ear infections. Your hearing health professional will assist you in getting the right ear protection.