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How to Clean Your Hearing Aids

Hi, I'm Denise Kopecki National Board Certified Hearing Specialist at Texan Renew Hearing Center. Today we're going to go over how to properly maintain and clean your hearing devices on a daily basis.

So at nighttime when we're taking our hearing devices off, if you use disposable batteries, you're going to want to crack the battery door open. Hearing devices normally come with a brush, however for our patients we also like to include a soft bristle toothbrush. 

You're going to want to brush the part that has been in your ear to knock off any dry skin or wax that may have collected. It's also a good idea to brush the backing where the microphones are just to get any dry skin, dirt, or debris cleared. 

You'll want to take a disposable wipe that is included in your cleaning kit to wipe the ear dome down. 

You also have wax filters that we have created another tutorial video on how to change, please see that video for reference. 

Your kit will include a drying cup for your hearing devices to sit in overnight to help with any moisture build up that can occur especially in the warmer months. 


These practices should be done every day to help protect and elongate the life of your hearing instruments. 

Be sure to come in every 4-6 months for routine clean and inspections to ensure that your hearing devices are working properly. 


If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call.