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Musicians' Hearing Protection Options

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Hearing loss is a condition that can affect anyone regardless of their lifestyle or career, but one particular career choice that has a higher chance of developing hearing loss is that of a musician. Because you’ll be playing music at venues and in studios, it’s not uncommon to expose yourself to loud sounds that will gradually degrade your hearing. Most people don’t understand the effect that loud sounds can have on their hearing and even something innocent such as drying your hair or mowing the lawn can actually affect your hearing if you expose yourself to it for too long.

One of the most important aspects of preventing hearing loss is wearing the right ear protection. Hearing loss is irreversible, which makes protecting this ability of utmost importance especially if your career is heavily reliant on your sense of hearing. If you don’t protect your ears as a musician, you could expose yourself to loud noises on a consistent basis which will eventually degrade your hearing. If you want your career to last a long time, then it’s vital that you protect your hearing by taking the right steps.


Earmuffs are often large plastic cups which fit over the ears. Cushions are used on the cups to seal the ears so that loud sounds can be filtered out and the headband provides tension which helps to push the cups towards the head. The cups are also lined with materials that absorb sound such as foam to assist in their hearing protection. These are very cheap and easy to use and can provide very high levels of hearing protection. They also provide an occlusion effect that occurs when the ear canal is blocked which can actually help a musician hear their own voice.

However, earmuffs can often be large and bulky which becomes a disadvantage. They’re also not very attractive on the main stage and can look a little out of place, but they work fine when you’re in a studio and appearance isn’t a primary concern. In addition, they’re not very comfortable when worn in hot and humid conditions and when the user has long hair or jeweler around the ear, the seal formed by the cups can be broken which results in leaked sounds that reduce its effectiveness.


Earplugs are small inserts that go into the canal in order to seal it and prevent loud noises from damaging your hearing. They often come in disposable and reusable forms with disposables being very general in their shape. One can receive custom-made earplugs which are specifically formed based on a model of the user’s ear, providing more comfort and more hearing protection. They’re not suitable for everyone because they do need to be inserted into the ear and it can be difficult to fit them correctly.

However, earplugs do provide excellent hearing protection for musicians and they’re surprisingly accessible. You can purchase earplugs at many music stores but if you’re making a career out of music then it’s advised to seek custom-made hearing protection for your needs.

Hearing aids

Musicians that develop hearing loss can still perform and enjoy their music with the help of hearing aids. Hearing aids can provide musicians with an improved level of hearing. In addition to being able to protect your ears from loud noises, they can process sounds around you and filter out loud noises and automatically normalize them so that you can still hear things around you.

This can be a great advantage to any musicians that are looking for a simple way to both restore their hearing and also protect it from further damage. However, this is something that requires you to speak with a hearing instrument specialist such as Texan Renew Hearing Center as it isn’t an over-the-counter solution like disposable earplugs and earmuffs.

Custom hearing protection offers a tailored fit and better protection for your auditory system. With special pieces for musicians, you can still enjoy your music, perform your set and protect your hearing – all in one.

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