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My Ears Affect What? Things You Did Not Realize Could Be at Risk with Untreated Hearing Loss

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For most of us, our health is important. We go to the eye doctor, the dentist, a regular physician for yearly check ups. Some of us even go to the gym, play golf, or even tennis. While this paints the picture of a healthy average american, there’s one thing missing-hearing health.


Hearing loss should not be something we leave to the wayside. Studies from Public Hearing Institute showed that one in five people, over the age of 60, experience hearing loss. To put things into perspective, that’s 35 million Americans suffering from hearing loss. That number is huge, yet there’s not a huge push towards hearing health.


There are many reasons why we should be shifting our attention and priorities to include hearing health. If left untreated, there are two serious impacts it can have on your life. First, the loss of hearing will continue to decline. Understanding conversations will inevitably become harder and harder. This in and of itself will lead to less socialization and more isolation. Life becomes more stressful and challenging as you strain to hear more conversations and miss out of information.


Second, there are many serious medical conditions that can occur is hearing loss is left untreated. These inlcude:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease. Research studies show that people who have chronic kidney disease have a higher likelihood of hearing loss.

  • Heart and Cardiovascular Disease: An individual’s capacity to hear is negatively impacted by the impaired heart and cardiovascular health on both the central and peripheral auditory system.

  • Diabetes. People who have diabetes are twice as likely to experience hearing loss.

  • Depression and Anxiety. Hearing loss can lead to isolation which can be associated with mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

  • Cognitive function, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease. Research studies show that people who experience hearing loss are more likely to experience a faster decline of cognitive dysfunction.


The good news about hearing loss is that although there isn’t a cure, it is treatable. Just like any other health care visit, a hearing exam can help you track serious medical concerns associated with hearing loss. With a visit to Texan Renew Hearing Center, you can have an evaluation to find out whether modern hearing instruments can help you regain clearer, more natural hearing, and stay engaged with the world around you.