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Dealing with hearing loss when you’re in a restaurant can be very frustrating. And restaurants happen to be one of the most difficult hearing environments for people with hearing loss. Background noise, seating arrangements, and other environmental factors affect how much a person with hearing loss can engage in conversation. A restaurant will always be a challenging listening environment for

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https://unsplash.com/@kcurtis113 It all starts with the brain. We hear with our brains. Both your ears work together to pick up sounds occurring around you. Your brain makes sense of the sounds by matching them to sounds stored in your memory. From detecting the simplest sounds to performing the most complex listening activities, your brain is responsible for making sense of

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Are you having trouble hearing the TV? Hearing the TV can be difficult when you have hearing loss. There are several problems with the audio of the TV. For example, sometimes actors don’t always face the camera. In addition, the background noise is sometimes louder than spoken word. Furthermore, people might have problems hearing the TV because of the ambient

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Did you know that there are more people in the United States that have hearing loss than diabetes, cancer, and vision problems? Sadly, people with hearing loss frequently delay getting treatment for years. In this article, you’re going to discover 6 ways how hearing aids improve quality of life! In the beginning, a person with hearing loss may only notice

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