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The App That's Changing What it Means to be an Android Owner

While we love our apple products, the new Google Android Q OS is blowing us away! Google just announced that their new phones will come with a live caption application as well as other accessibility features. 

Now, everyone will have the opportunity to have videos, podcasts, and audio messages transcribed through live captioning. 

Here's what Google had to say.

"For 466 million deaf and hard of hearing people around the world, captions are more than a convenience—they make content more accessible. We worked closely with the Deaf community to develop a feature that would improve access to digital media. With a single tap, Live Caption will automatically caption media that’s playing audio on your phone. Live Caption works with videos, podcasts and audio messages, across any app—even stuff you record yourself. As soon as speech is detected, captions will appear, without ever needing Wifi or cell phone data, and without any audio or captions leaving your phone."

Google Android Q Announcement


Many people with hearing devices are still finding themselves struggling with certain audio experiences such as watching videos on their phone or watching the TV. With this new technology, we're hoping that this can help everyone, including those with hearing loss, feel included in the experience. 


With all the processing happening in just your phone, you're able to have live caption text from YouTube videos, Skype calls, podcasts, and more. Live Caption works in the background without interrupting other apps. And because it doesn't need to send data to the cloud for processing, it eliminates delays from sometimes spotty wireless connections.


For regular phone calls there is also a feature called Live Relay. This is huge for people who are deaf or experience hearing loss. "Live Relay allows the phone to listen and speak for users while they type. Because the responses are instant and provide real-time writing suggestions, users can type fast enough to conduct a normal phone call." 

This live transcribing technology will be available in 70 languages. In addition to the new Android Q OS, Google says it will be available for all smartphones running the Android 5.0 operating system and later. Google has taken on the mission to take this even further with their euphonia project.

Google's Project Euphonia assists people with speech impediments

There is a large community of people in the world who feel like they cannot be audibly understood. Google has decided to make it their mission to change that. 

We hope that you're just as excited about these new advances in technology as we are. We'd love to help you implement them into your life.