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What are ITE Hearing Aids?

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If you have hearing loss, the chances are that your audiologist has suggested that you consider using hearing aids to help increase and improve your hearing quality. Hearing aids can be a total game-changer for hearing loss and can make hearing sounds, pitches and frequencies far easier. 

Choosing a hearing aid design can be a rather complex process, as there are lots of different hearing aid designs to choose from. Some of the most popular hearing aid styles include in-the-ear hearing aids (ITE), behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids and invisible-in-canal hearing aids (IIC).

This guide explains what ITE hearing aids are, what benefits they offer and how they work. Read on for everything that you need to know. 

What are ITE Hearing Aids? 

ITE hearing aids are a hearing aid style that sits in the outer ear bowl with a custom-made design and are one of the most discreet hearing aid designs available. For anyone with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, this type of hearing aid tends to work well. 

For an ITE hearing aid to be made, your audiologist will need to create an impression or take a scan of the inside of your ear canal, and then use this to create a custom-made ITE hearing aid. This custom approach will ensure that the ITE hearing aid fits perfectly into your ear canal, is comfortable to wear and works perfectly for your inner ear size and shape. 

ITE hearing aids are lightweight and feature a sleek design that, when worn correctly, is almost impossible to see. If you are looking for a hearing that is discreet and barely visible, this is a great option to consider. 

They’re popular with sports players and glasses wearers as an ITE sits in the ear and can be comfortably worn when playing sports – from football and basketball to hockey and netball – and when wearing glasses. 

This type of hearing aid is also a popular choice due to its ability to transmit clear, natural sound. 

What Are the Key Advantages of ITE Hearing Aids? 

ITE hearing aids are a great choice of hearing aids for a range of reasons, these include: 

  • Offering excellent sound quality 
  • Discreet to wear
  • Comfortable to wear and use
  • Recessed design 

Because ITE hearing aids feature twin microphones, their sound quality is second-to-none. This high-quality sound makes ITE hearing aids a great fit for all levels of hearing loss, including more advanced loss of hearing. 

Compared to BTE hearing aids, many people feel that they’re a far more discreet option, which is partly due to their custom-made design. 

Because ITE hearing aids feature a recessed design, you are able to still comfortably use phones and headsets without the need to remove your hearing aid. This makes ITE hearing aids a more convenient option for many people.