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What are the Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss?

diagram of ear imposed on woman's head side angle

Understanding what can cause hearing loss can be useful when you are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss. There are a variety of reasons why you could temporarily or perhaps more permanently be experiencing periods of hearing loss. As soon as you notice anything that is not normal for you, you should definitely consult with a hearing specialist to investigate the problem and get more information.  

Several reasons for why you may be experiencing hearing loss include the following: 

Earwax buildup

Occasionally, the earwax in your ear can build up and make it more difficult for you to hear, especially if it forms deeper in your ear. It is a natural process and generally occurs so that your ear protects itself from any outside germs. 

Ear infection

It’s possible you may have an ear infection when you experience itching in and around the ear, along with a feeling of pressure both inside and outside. This can occur by itself and can be treated with ear drops if it does not naturally get better within a week. 


Over time, if you are constantly exposed to loud noises, your hearing can gradually decline as you age. It is a natural process of getting old and is not something to worry about. 

Perforated Eardrum

This can occur when you are exposed to changes in air pressure, such as when you go flying or are near a sudden loud noise. It usually heals by itself, but it is best to get checked out by a hearing specialist as it could also lead to an ear infection if it does not settle by itself within a few weeks. 


Also known as vestibular neuritis, it is a type of inner ear infection usually caused by a viral infection that can affect your balance and hearing. So, if you notice that you find it challenging to stay upright or walk in a straight line, it could be caused by Labyrinthitis. A hearing specialist would be able to determine whether you are experiencing this. 

Meniere’s disease

This is when you experience hearing loss in your inner ear. You may experience periods of vertigo (when it feels like the room is springing around you) or a persistent ringing noise in your ear. It is likely to be caused by experiencing deep pressure inside your ear and can be managed with relaxation techniques and Antihistamines if you find you experience a lot of motion sickness. 

Any changes to hearing loss could be due to one of the above causes, but it is always advisable to get in contact with a hearing specialist who can examine your inner ear and provide a professional opinion.