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What are the Most Common Signs of Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss is a condition that can be hard to identify. For instance, it could have been happening for years without knowing it until something happens to make you aware of your hearing loss.

For proper ear care, you should:

  • Clean your ears properly
  • Visit a hearing health professional regularly
  • Avoid noisy places              

There are several common signs of hearing loss that you should watch out for:      

Difficulty Hearing on the Phone

If you have difficulty hearing the TV or radio, chances are you are developing hearing loss. You may also find yourself frequently asking the other person to repeat their statements repeatedly. In this case, you should seek help from a hearing care professional as soon as possible to confirm the cause.

Difficulty Understanding Speech

If you find yourself straining to understand people who are speaking in a normal tone, this may indicate hearing loss.

Dizziness or Nausea When Exposed To Loud Noises

The sudden onset of dizziness and nausea is another potential sign that you should watch out for. If this happens suddenly while in the presence of loud noises, you may want to see a hearing health professional for further evaluation.

Repeatedly Asking People What They Said or Not Understanding Conversations

If you find yourself constantly asking others to repeat themselves and sometimes do not understand common words in speech, this could be another indication of hearing loss.

Inability To Hear High Frequency Sounds Like "S" or "Th"

The inability to detect subtle changes in pitch will be yet another sign that your hearing might have deteriorated over time. You should consult with an audiologist if the problem persists so they can determine the cause. The lack of ability to tell high-frequency voices from low-frequency ones could mean the onset of hearing loss.

Feeling Like You Are Mumbling or Talking Too Loudly

If you feel like your voice is not as clear and projected as it used to be, this could indicate that something more serious might be happening. Again, consult with a hearing health professional to examine the extent of your hearing loss.

Turning Up the Volume on Devices

To hear TV or radio better, you might find yourself turning up the volume on your devices. This is another sign that there may be hearing loss, and you should address it sooner rather than later.

Not Responding When Someone Calls You

If you find that you are not responding to people when they call your name, this could mean an issue with your hearing. You should seek medical attention as people can mistake this for rudeness or arrogance.

Sudden Hearing Loss Without an Obvious Cause

Sometimes you may simply fail to hear anything. Ergo, if you are experiencing sudden, unexplained hearing loss, the best thing to do is to see a hearing health professional right away so they can get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is essential to get a thorough hearing assessment to determine the cause. For example, it could be from an infection or chronic condition like otosclerosis, which would require immediate treatment.