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What are the Pros of CIC Hearing Aids?

an professional hearing specialist explaining hearing aid features

There are few things associated with getting older that people want to go through. Hearing loss can often be one of the more detested aspects of the process. That can be because of how frightening and confusing the overall journey is. If you’ve been told about completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids as an option for you, then you might want to know more about them.

While this is best discussed with a hearing health professional, you could want to do your own research. By doing so, you can make a much more informed decision.

Typically, they’re often a custom fit and are designed to maximize the sound volume in the ear that you have it in. There can be multiple benefits associated with CIC hearing aids. If you think you need them, speak to a hearing health professional, and they can determine whether you need the device.

Benefits Of CIC Hearing Aids

CIC hearing aids have been growing in popularity over the past few years. As one of the newer aids you can choose from, they utilize a broad range of technology. While most of this focuses on improving your hearing, there are some benefits to these compared to alternatives.

The largest of these are:

  • Comfort: CIC hearing aids are designed specifically for your ear. That customization means that they’ll fit much more comfortably inside your ear. In turn, that’ll make them much easier to wear throughout the day. After a while, you might not even notice that you have them in.
  • Discreet: Because of their small size, these hearing aids can barely be seen from multiple angles. If you want to keep your hearing loss hidden, then this could be the best option to do so. While they won’t be completely invisible, they may be as close as you can get to it.
  • Easy To Use: You shouldn’t need to fiddle with settings and multiple buttons with CIC hearing aids. As a result, they can be much easier to use than many of their alternatives. If you’re not technologically friendly, that can be a positive sign.
  • Extended Battery Life: CIC hearing aids have been known to last quite some time, even with constant use. You wouldn’t have to recharge or replace the batteries anytime soon. Depending on certain factors, they could even last months at a time.

With those in mind, you might be attracted to CIC hearing aids as an option. Before choosing, however, speak to your hearing health professional. Armed with their expertise, you can better determine whether they’re the best option for your hearing loss.

A hearing health professional is the best person to speak to about any hearing-related issues that you might have. Alongside conducting exams and tests, they’ll help you determine what the best hearing aid options for you are. In some cases, CIC hearing aids might be the right one.

When you’re choosing, however, you’ll need to weigh each of the benefits with the cons associated with the device. If the choice has more advantages than disadvantages, then it’s worth picking them up. At a minimum, you should expect your hearing to be improved significantly once you have them in.