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What Can a HIS Do for Your Hearing?

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A visit to the hearing instrument specialist (HIS) is not something that happens often. However, finding the right specialist for your hearing needs is vital. Once you have found the right hearing care provider, you should not overestimate the importance of regular visits. 

Whether you might have been experiencing age-related or noise-induced hearing loss, a HIS can help you better understand your hearing, the impact of hearing loss, and the solutions that are available to you. Whether you have just started experiencing hearing loss or you are looking to implement preventive measures, there is a lot that your HIS can do for you. Find out more below. 

Assess Your Hearing

The first thing that your HIS will do is assess your hearing. Your hearing care provider will run several tests to evaluate your hearing quality. 

They will also be able to tell you whether your hearing quality is affected by lower or higher pitches and frequencies. These preliminary exams allow you to understand your hearing loss better and start working towards finding the best solution. 

Evaluate Lifestyle Factors

Your HIS might ask you about lifestyle factors, including your job, diet, exercise levels, medications, and medical history. Indeed, some kinds of hearing loss and hearing conditions such as tinnitus can be connected to factors such as blood pressure and the status of the cardiovascular system. 

Thanks to these questions, the HIS will know if further medical tests need to be completed. 

Recommend Ways to Protect Your Hearing

If you work in a noisy workplace or environment or you are often exposed to loud noises or booms, you might visit your HIS to learn more about the ways to protect your hearing. Indeed, most individuals might visit the HIS to find a solution to their age-related hearing loss. 

However, your environment can also cause you to deal with noise-induced hearing loss later on in life. You can prevent this by following your HIS’s instructions to protect your hearing. 

Prescribe Hearing Devices

Hearing devices are the most popular solution to hearing loss. However, finding the best hearing device for your needs can truly make a difference. It not only can help you regain your hearing, but it also allows you to make the most of your routine without disruptions. Your HIS will be able to guide you in the choice of the best hearing aids. Thanks to their experience, you will know what the benefits and downsides of each are.  

Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

Just like any technology, a hearing aid will require regular maintenance and servicing. Your HIS will be able to check what is wrong with them and repair them so that you don’t have to invest in another device. 

Additionally, you will need to have your hearing aid professionally cleaned regularly to ensure that there is no build-up of wax, debris or oils. By cleaning your device on a regular basis, you can expect it to last for years to come. Your HIS will be your first point of contact to help you understand how to care for your hearing aid.