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What is the Value of a Hearing Aid Fitting?

a patient with hearing loss is getting a hearing aid fitting

Hearing aids used to make people self-conscious and many people lived with hearing loss rather than trying to improve their hearing experience. However, with the advancement of new technology, hearing aids have become more discrete and easier to wear. Many cannot even be seen. Take a look at why you should consider the value that a properly fitted hearing aid can bring to your life.

Your hearing experience

If you are living with hearing loss, the ability to play a meaningful part in conversations with pals may be diminished. You may have to put the volume up on the TV. And you might find yourself asking people to repeat themselves more time than you would like. However, by having a hearing aid fitted by a hearing care professional, a tiny piece of technology can lead to a better quality of your life.

You may select a hearing aid that can be placed in the ear (ITE). After some moldings have been taken of your ears, you can have a hearing aid that is fully beneficial to you. This means that your hearing experience will get better.

A hearing care professional will test your hearing and ensure that you don’t experience feedback or loud, explosive noises. While you might not hear everything perfectly, the hearing loss you lived with before may feel less frustrating.

The hearing care professional

Getting to know a friendly hearing care professional at your hearing aid fitting will boost your confidence. This person will be on hand to answer any queries or concerns that you may have. They will help you to maintain your hearing aid, keep it free from wax and debris and store it in the correct way.

With the latest hearing aids come pre-programmed channels. This means that you can switch easily between presets depending on the situation you are in. You may need different settings for a busy train station than you do for when you are at home and watching the TV. A hearing care professional will empower you to have the best hearing experience possible at your hearing aid fitting and beyond.

Getting used to your hearing aid

It can take up to three months to get used to your hearing aid. You need to remember that your brain has already adapted to the lack of clarity you hear around you and attempts to fill in the gaps. It will still be doing this even though it doesn’t need to with a hearing aid.

Be patient and take your time. Your settings may need to be adjusted every so often so that noises and sounds don’t become too disturbing. You may require the help of your hearing care professional to try a different hearing aid should you not like the one you currently have. Through trial and error and perseverance, you can enjoy a newfound hearing experience.

A hearing aid fitting may feel a little daunting but it could be an excellent way of helping you to hear more clearly once again. Be patient, get to know your hearing care professional and enjoy finding the perfect hearing aid for your needs.