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What Will Happen at Your Hearing Aid Fitting?

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If you are considering hearing aids, then this post is for you. If you have never had a hearing aid fitting before, it can be an overwhelming experience. You may not know what to expect or even how the entire process works. This blog post will walk you through everything that happens at a traditional hearing aid fitting so that you feel more prepared and confident when your time comes!

What Is a Hearing Aid Fitting?

A hearing aid fitting is a process that evaluates your hearing ability and what kind of aids would be the best fit for you. A fitting usually takes 30 minutes to an hour but can sometimes take longer depending on your situation. The following will happen at this appointment:

First, the hearing care provider typically starts by asking for background information about your hearing loss, medical history, and other general information.

Next, the hearing professional will test your ability to hear in a soundproof booth by playing different sounds that you cannot detect with normal functioning ears; this allows them to find out what kind of hearing aids would work best for your individual needs. They also may play some music so you can see how well your hearing aids work with different types of sound.

After testing, the hearing specialist will show you a few different styles and models to decide which ones are best for you based on what they learned from the test results. They also may overview how the process works when purchasing or renting in-the-ear devices, behind-the-ear devices or advanced technology.

What Are the Benefits of a Hearing Aid Fitting?

A hearing aid fitting is an essential step in purchasing any hearing aids and allows you to be completely confident that your new purchase will best suit your needs. Fittings also come with many health benefits, including better sleep quality, mental clarity and general well-being.

Why Should You Get Your Hearing Checked?

Having regular hearing screenings can help you establish a baseline and monitor your overall hearing ability. The following are some reasons that you should consider getting your hearing checked:

  • Better quality of life: It can improve relationships with others and increase your quality of life with less frustration.
  • Improved memory: It helps you be more mentally sharp and can help improve your concentration levels.
  • Fewer falls or accidents: Hearing loss could lead to many injuries, including falling down the stairs, which is why it's essential to see a hearing professional if you have any concerns about your ability to hear.
  • Fewer mistakes: Hearing loss can make it harder to hear what people are saying and cause more errors. So, it's vital to get your hearing checked if you find yourself experiencing any of these things regularly to prevent accidents.

Your Device Options

There are many different options for hearing aids, including in-the-ear devices, behind-the-ear devices and in the canal. Your hearing health professional will help you decide which type of device is best suited to your needs based on what they learned from the testing. You have many options when it comes to purchasing new devices, so make sure you ask about what kind will work best for you!