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Who is Most at Risk for Developing Tinnitus?

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Do you constantly hear a ringing sound wherever you go? Have you tried asking other people if they hear it too, only to find out that you’re the only one experiencing this sound? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you’ve got tinnitus.

It’s a common hearing condition that’s more irritating than it is dangerous. With that being said, tinnitus is often a symptom of deeper issues like hearing loss. So, it makes sense to get checked out by your hearing healthcare professional if you ever have the telltale signs.

Anyone can develop tinnitus, but there are groups of people at more risk than others. Check them out down below, and see if you fit into any categories.

People above the age of 60

When you enter your sixties, loads of different things happen to your ears. In short, they start becoming less functional, and your hearing gets worse and worse. As a result, people above the age of 60 are more likely to develop tinnitus than those younger than them. Age-related tinnitus is extremely common, and it often can’t be avoided. It also usually indicates hearing loss, so you should see your hearing care specialist for a hearing test to get hearing aids that can help treat this.

People that work in noisy environments

If you work in a factory, on a construction site, in a theatre – or anywhere else where loud noises are prevalent, then you’re a high-risk candidate for tinnitus. Arguably the most common cause of this condition is exposure to loud noises over long periods. So, if you’re working in noisy environments for 40 hours per week, then there’s every chance you’ll develop this ringing in your ears. As such, hearing specialists recommend wearing ear protection devices to prevent tinnitus from occurring.

People that listen to music at high volumes

Headphones are a great invention in that we can listen to music without anyone else getting annoyed by it. However, it’s one of the most common causes of tinnitus in the younger generation. If you listen to music at dangerously high volumes, then it’s likely you’ll get tinnitus. To prevent this, avoid listening above 60 percent volume and take regular breaks.

People with excessive earwax

Some people produce more earwax than their ears need. When this happens, there’s nowhere for the wax together other than building up in your ear. As a result, you may end up with a wax impaction, which can irritate your eardrum and cause various hearing problems – including tinnitus. Visit a hearing care provider to have your ears professionally cleaned if you experience frequent impactions.

Tinnitus can develop due to a variety of lifestyle and biological factors. The important thing is that you don’t worry when you experience the telltale ringing sensation. Book an appointment with your hearing instrument specialist and they will inspect your ears for you. Depending on your age, medical history and lifestyle habits, they’re able to figure out what’s causing your tinnitus and how to fix it.