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Why Do Musicians Use Special Hearing Protection?

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After prolonged exposure to loud music, it is not uncommon for most musicians to experience hearing loss. This condition is especially prevalent among those who often perform to a live audience. Apart from musicians, anyone else is prone to experiencing hearing loss. Fortunately, there are various types of treatment available you may want to consider if you experience the following symptoms.

•    Frequently asking someone to speak up or repeat what they say.
•    Needing to turn up the volume or listening to loud music.
•    Difficulty understanding something in a noisy place.
•    Difficulty understanding someone over the phone.

If you have been to a concert, you have probably noticed artists, bands and other musicians performing on stage while wearing earplug-in or ear monitors. Every musician benefits from special hearing protection. Here is why:

To Prevent Hearing Loss

Foremost, musicians use hearing protection to prevent the chances of experiencing hearing loss. During concerts, they perform alongside amplifiers and prominent speakers. These instruments tend to be loud and can damage the ears. Additionally, musicians will spend a lot of time in loud environments. If such musicians do not wear ear monitors or plug-ins, they limit their ability to hear clearly, which to some extent, can be permanent. 

To Avoid Going Out of Tune

Every musician's dream is to perform successfully while on stage. And one way of achieving this is by ensuring they don't go out of tune. To avoid going out of tune, a musician must be able to hear their sound while performing. Special hearing protection instruments work by blocking noise from the outside. Such devices enable musicians to have an uninterrupted source of the sound. 

To Navigate Through a Song

Musicians use special hearing protection to navigate through a song effectively. To achieve this, they may have to rely on one musical instrument while singing. For instance, they may want to hear their voice, or the kick drum consistently. An ear monitor can help musicians achieve this through customization. This is where they can customize their mix suited to their needs which they will have on their ear monitors. 

To Listen to Backing Tracks

Another surprising reason why musicians use special hearing protection is to listen to backing tracks or metronomes. While performing, it is pretty common for most musicians to be nervous, leading to starting a song at an up or slow speed or with the wrong tempo. One of the best ways to counter this is with the help of backing tracks which musicians will listen to if they want to stay in line. Only the musician should listen to the backing tracks or metronome through an earplug. 

Noise-canceling Headphones and Earmuffs

These are some of the most common noise reduction devices for people who are sensitive to loud noise. Noise-canceling headphones are fabulous for reducing traffic, HVAC and plane noises. Earmuffs are great at canceling out the vacuum cleaner, honking and barking noise. Note that these devices will not cancel out outside noise entirely, but they can enable you to hear sounds at a lower volume which is safe. 

Whether you are a musician or not, taking care of your hearing ability is vital. You may want to consider the use of special hearing protection to achieve this.