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Why Should You See a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

Hearing Specialist

“I don’t have hearing loss!” How long have you been repeating that old mantra to yourself. How long have you shrugged off the overwhelming evidence to the contrary? How many times have you told yourself that your work colleagues need to speak up? That your neighbor has completely unrealistic expectations of how loud you should set your TV? That your friends need to speak more clearly when you join them for a meal at a busy restaurant or a drink at a crowded bar? Admitting to one’s self that one is afflicted by hearing loss is a big deal. Because it happens to us so slowly and incrementally we can spend years or even decades in denial. As such, we can be extremely resistant to the notion of seeing a hearing instrument specialist. We may consider it unnecessary, a needless expense or simply a conversation for another day.

But here are some compelling reasons why you should see a hearing instrument specialist as soon as you can…

You won’t know how much you needed a hearing instrument until you get one fitted

Ask any hearing instrument specialist and they’ll tell you just how common it is that a customer is surprised or even astonished when their hearing instrument is first fitted. Many notice that everything seems much louder than they were expecting, particularly the sound of their own voices. While for many it takes a while for their brain to get used to interpreting those little vibrations as sound again it’s a safe bet that you won’t know how much you needed a hearing instrument until you have one fitted.

It could save your relationship

Hearing loss is a common cause of tension or even friction in relationships and marriages. As understanding as your partner may be, it can become very frustrating for them when they are misheard or not heard at all and have to repeat themselves constantly. What’s more, your hearing loss can cause a cognitive delay while your brain pieces together the sounds that your ears have picked up into words. This may only take a second or two but it feels like an eternity for those with perfect hearing.

Getting fitted with a hearing instrument can ease a lot of this tension in your relationship.

They can help you through every step of your journey to better hearing

If you think that your hearing instrument specialist will abandon you after you’ve had your instrument fitted think again. You’ll also receive excellent aftercare as your specialist guides you through the process of getting used to your hearing instrument. They’ll always be on hand to answer any questions you have and will book follow up appointments to help you to get the most out of your instrument.

If you have Medicare Advantage, your hearing instrument is covered

While it’s always worth checking your insurance policy to see if hearing aids are covered, if you have Medicare Advantage it’s worth noting that your hearing aid will be covered on this policy!

So, there you have it. Now that you know the benefits of seeing a hearing instrument specialist, you’d need a seriously good reason not to!