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Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids need batteries to function properly. They are part of the core set of accessories for any hearing aid. Since they are such an important part of the device, manufacturers produce tools to keep them in the best shape possible. The professionals at Texan Renew Hearing Center will be able to help you find the right size of battery for your hearing technology. 

What are the different types of hearing aid batteries?

There are plenty of battery types and sizes available for traditional and modern hearing aids. The most common are 10, 13, 312 and 675. Identifying them by their industry standard color is the best way to differentiate one type from the next. Color information is located on the zinc air tabs and their associated packaging for easier reference. 

  • 10 – Yellow
  • 13 – Orange
  • 312 – Brown
  • 675 – Blue

Colors/types are standardized for compatibility, but actual quality will differ based on the manufacturer. If needed, further instructions are available in the owner’s manual that comes with the hearing aids. Companies may also include recommendations on branded batteries that are known to work well with their devices. This is an important step when ordering batteries in bulk packaging. 

Battery life

Only estimates are available when dealing with battery life. Modern hearing aid features like Bluetooth and media streaming will take up more energy than normal functions. Current batteries are built with high usage in mind, so the listed estimates are good numbers to follow. Battery life is also dependent on the user’s maintenance and care routine. 

Keeping hearing aids clean will prevent malfunctions in the hardware that make the battery work harder
Removing the tab on a zinc-air battery activates it. Only remove the tab when it is ready to be put in the hearing aid

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are another convenient option for today’s hearing technology. Rechargeable batteries offer the wearer the opportunity to reuse batteries by charging them every night, or when the devices aren’t in use. Depending on the particular brand of battery you use, after the initial purchase of rechargeable batteries, most do not need to be replaced for at least a year. This means fewer trips to the store for hearing aid wearers to purchase disposable batteries, 

Are branded batteries the best option?

When a hearing aid manufacturer lists their recommended battery choices, they are going by what was tested with the device. The recommendations exist as a guarantee that a specific battery is known to work without issues. If the color standardization is followed, then there is nothing wrong with buying a different brand of battery.