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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

When hearing aids are chosen, they are specifically made for the person ordering them. These custom-fit devices still need to be programmed once they arrive, which is handled by Texan Hearing Center. The programming will be different for each individual and is setup to best accommodate the hearing needs of the new wearer. Because of this, it is important to listen to the short tutorial your hearing provider will give regarding the new hearing aids. Information relating to recharging the batteries, cleaning and general use will be explained once the device arrives. And more importantly, this will be the first time that the hearing provider will demonstrate how to insert and remove personal hearing aids.

Bring a family member or friend

Putting in new hearing aids is like hearing the world again for the first time. The change in volume can be overwhelming, and it will take a while for the patient to get adjusted to everything. Bringing a friend or family member is key in helping a new hearing aid wearer absorb all of this new information related to use, upkeep and future appointments. While new wearers absorb all of this information, the clinician will also take the time to fine-tune the programming. Getting clear and pleasant sound is important for first time wearers, so questions will need to be asked and answered to get everything pitch perfect.

Checking the hearing aid fit

Some professionals provide a short survey during the fitting for patients to fill out. This list of questions will help narrow down the final adjustments that need to be made on the hearing aid. Answering honestly is vital so that your hearing care provider can make final adjustments if necessary. A hearing aid fitting is only the beginning of receiving proper ear health; so being open is a great way to start getting the appropriate settings needed for clear audio. During the ‘break in’ period, a lot of new sounds areas of the world will be discovered that are improved with the boosted audio clarity.

Adjusting to hearing aids

Hearing aids have changed in size and appearance from when they were first introduced, and that can be seen with what’s provided by Texan Renew Hearing Center. Government officials, musicians, teachers, students and professionals in all walks of life wear hearing aids. To maximize the success of wearing the device after the initial fitting, wearers have to be confident with its use and appearance. If the design is a detractor for some wearers, confidence can be boosted with the use of invisible hearing aids, of which there are many. 


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